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Dude, where's my motivation?

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O motivation, motivation! Wherefore art thou motivation? There’s no denying that sometimes heading to the gym is the equivalent of trying to understand Shakespeare. You just don’t want to do ittt! We’re all guilty of skipping our workout to binge on the couch, or purposely sleeping in to miss our morning workout. Hey, it’s hard to stay motivated and exercise, we’re only human after all! So to get you squatting like a pro and jumping out of bed in the a.m. I’ve put together a few tricks to help you keep fit and stay motivated..


It’s easy to lose motivation when you’ve got goals that resemble that of a professional athlete. Start with goals that are realistic and will push you to your limits. First, set up a structured plan or follow a fitness program *cough 6 week transformation guide cough*, so there’s no room to lose track and help you achieve your goals whether they’re big or small. Moreover, keep an open mind about fitness; mix up your workouts, experiment with recipes, try new things along the way so you’re constantly keeping engaged. Most importantly monitor your progress and have a clear date in mind to achieve your goals. If you want it bad enough, you’ll push hard.


Having unrealistic expectations from yourself or from someone else. Be your own biggest fan, love the skin you’re in, and you’ll start to notice the positive effects of working out. Be kind to you, you’re all you got.


Creating a healthy post-workout routine can be a great motivational tool to complete your sweat session. Reward yourself after a workout by scheduling a coffee date with a friend, catching up on the latest episode of your favourite show, relaxingor even grab your favourite protein-rich smoothie. Find some type of routine/ritual that makes you feel good and stick to it.


You know that song you can’t stop listening to? Use it to your advantage. Nothing motivates you like a quality playlist that makes you feel goooood. Add a handful of new songs you love, or check out the latest fitness playlist on my Spotify for all your workout needs. Love a song so much that you put it on repeat? Do it.


We’re social creatures, that’s why finding a training partner that pushes you and keeps you accountable can be the best kind of motivation. Train together, push each other, work on your weekly meal-prep together, and most importantly – support each other. Sometimes achieving your fitness goals with someone else will make them easier to achieve. And the best part? You can celebrate your results come summer in your new summer bodies!

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